If you have a concrete in-ground pool, then as the years go by, you may need to consider a process known as pool resurfacing. Through the process, professionals will remove old layers of plaster, repair concrete, and then add a new top layer for ideal protection in the pool.

As a pool owner, you have a say in what the final design looks like. Learn some of the advantages associated with a quartz plaster finish and how this natural element can provide multiple benefits for your pool shell for years to come.

1. A Natural Shine

The reflective nature of quartz can provide a natural shine to your pool. The water will glimmer more and reflect sunlight to create fantastic views of your pool. The pool will look more elegant and create a seamless look across the water. If your pool has built-in lights, then the lights will reflect off the quartz as well and create unique night visuals.

2. Fewer Chemical Reactions

When you add a final plaster layer over the concrete base, the plaster may react and change colors over time due to pool chemicals. This is why many pool contractors rely on mix-ins like quartz for pool designs. The addition of quartz can help resist the color change process due to pool chemicals like chlorine.

The filler will help the pool look brand new for longer and delay the need to resurface the pool again in the years to come. Some plaster mix-ins include more quartz than others. You can also select the color of the quartz finish to blend more naturally in with the pool and prevent any major color changes due to chemical reactions.

For example, you could choose a darker quartz finish that will not showcase color changes right away.

3. Stronger Surface Options

The natural strength of quartz will provide extra strength for your pool's surface. With the quartz mix-in, you don't need to worry as much about chips or cracks in your pool's surface. The extra strength will allow swimming on a regular basis without to need to constantly drain your pool water for repairs.

Some contractors may offer an extra clear layer of protection to go over the quartz as well. The extra layer can help protect both the quartz and concrete.

Contact a pool contractor to find out more information on pool resurfacing and ways to add quartz to your plaster pool surface.