As part of getting your home's property ready for winter, you may have already had the swimming pool closed up. Now that job is done, you may be wondering if there is anything else that needs to be done to keep the pool in good condition during the upcoming cold season.

If so, you should seriously consider installing a solid cover over the pool. There are a couple of reasons why you should use one of these covers on your swimming pool during the winter months.

1. Keeps Leaves, Sticks, and Other Debris from Accumulating in the Pool

One reason why you should use a solid cover on your home's swimming pool during winter is that it helps keep debris from accumulating. Without a cover or with one made from a mesh material, leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris will fall into the pool.

Once spring comes around again and you are ready to start opening your pool, you will be faced with a large cleaning job if it is filled with debris. Installing a cover that fits tightly will keep out the mess to help minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do when warm weather returns.

2. Protects the Pool's Shell and Lining from Damage Caused by UV Light and Wintry Weather

Another reason why you should cover your pool is that it helps to protect both the shell and lining. If the pool is left uncovered or a mesh cover is used, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can bleach the lining.

The cover also protects the lining and shell by keeping excess water, snow, and ice out of the pool. When the temperatures rise and fall rapidly, the excess moisture will expand and contract.

If water gets into any small cracks or tears in the lining, this expansion and contraction will cause larger cracks and rips. A solid cover keeps out the excess precipitation to help keep these problems from occurring. 

Without a cover, your pool will accumulate leaves, sticks, and other debris that will need to be cleaned out in the spring when you are ready to reopen it. The cover will also protect the pool itself by blocking the UV rays of the sun and decreasing the risk of cracking due to ice and snow. Contact a company that offers swimming pool equipment to speak with a representative to learn about your options for purchasing a custom cover that will snugly fit your pool.

For more information on custom swimming pool covers, contact a company near you.