In many suburban neighborhoods and communities, a large, spacious backyard is more of a dream than it is a reality for many homeowners. As such, when the idea of pool construction comes to mind, some owners might think that their yards are just too small. However, this is rarely the case. There are plenty of pool construction design tips that can be applied in small spaces to maximize your space and the amount of fun your family enjoys.

Yard as the Guide

Do not approach the project without a predetermined pool shape in mind. With a small space, it is best to allow the yard to act as a guide so that you can maximize the size of the pool. Consider a small, T-shaped yard, for instance. Instead of a circular pool, a rectangle pool that contours one side of the T, with a decking area on the other side of the T is a great option. 

Grassless Space

When you think of a backyard, you typically think of a plush green lawn. But for homeowners who want a pool and who have limited space, it might be best to ditch the green. With this option, you can extend the perimeter of the pool closer to the edge of the lawn, while still leaving space for decking. In addition to more pool space, a grassless lawn will also mean less maintenance. 

Building Up

For many people, a simple pool is not the look they want. Instead, they want waterfalls and other water features. For homeowners who have limited space, consider building up in a vertical pattern if you want to incorporate these features. For example, a wall on the rear side of the pool equipped with deck jets provides a stylish enhancement without taking up space inside the pool, which is important when space is limited.  

Shallow Depth

Another thing homeowners with small yards can do to maximize space is to forgo the idea of a deep pool and stick with a shallow option. The deeper the pool, the more space you need to accommodate a gradual slope from one depth to the next. As such, only a small portion of the pool will be deep if there is limited space. A shallow pool allows you to maximize space. 

Keep all these tips in mind, but also ensure you speak with a pool construction professional who can assess your yard and help you maximize your pool design.