Swimming pool leak detection is needed to help ensure that your water is not being wasted. Having a swimming pool can be a lot of fun, yet pool leaks can make it less enjoyable. Sometimes, the problems with water loss might be due to evaporation, but they are also due to wear. The following pool leak detection information will help you get to the bottom of these problems to reduce maintenance costs and get more enjoyment out of your pool.

What Is Swimming Pool Leak Detection?

There are many reasons for needing swimming pool leak detection. This can be due to issues that require repairs like damaged liners or problems with pool equipment. It can also be due to problems like evaporation, which happens naturally during hot weather.

When your pool is losing more water than it should, it is going to need leak detection to find out what is causing the problem. First, leak detection can start with making sure the problem is not evaporation by using a container full of water. If the water level in the pool and container evaporate together, and there are not any leaks, then the problem is evaporation. If the problem is a leak, methods like tester kits and specialized equipment will be used to pinpoint the problem.

The Swimming Pool Leak Report

When you have your pool inspected for leaks, you are going to want to get a report for the inspection that was done. The pool leak detection service can provide a report that includes the areas that were inspected and any problems that were found.

The pool leak report should include a detailed list of all the problems. These areas include the pool surfaces, plumbing, and pool equipment. If the issues with your pool leak were due to equipment, they could be fairly easy to repair. When problems are due to damaged surfacing or liners, they are going to require more extensive repairs.

Swimming Pool Leak History

A pool leak history lists all the pool leaks that have occurred in a calendar year and whether you fixed them. Keeping records of pool leak repairs is a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, pool leaks are expensive. If you keep careful records, you can figure out which leaks are expensive to fix. As such, you can gradually make repairs to the pool to minimize expensive leaks.

Second, pool leaks often occur at the same time. If you fix one leak, you may just cause another leak to happen. So it is useful to keep track of all the leaks that have been fixed.

If you think your pool is losing too much water, contact a leak detection service to help solve the problem before it grows. A pool leak detection company can provide more information.