While most people can picture above-ground swimming pools and in-ground swimming pools, another option that you may not know about is an elevated pool, or sometimes called a raised pool. This is a pool that shares some design features with its above-ground and in-ground counterparts. Elevated pools are set into the ground to some degree, but not typically as deep as in-ground pools. They'll often have a raised structure around them, much like you'll often see around above-ground pools. If you're contemplating what type of pool might work best in your yard, talk to a local swimming pool construction company about an elevated pool. Here are some reasons to favor this idea.

Lower Excavation Costs Than An In-Ground Pool

One of the expenses of an in-ground pool is the excavation that is required to set the pool several feet into the ground. An above-ground pool obviously doesn't require any excavation, but if you're looking for an option that is a hybrid between these two designs, an elevated pool may be desirable. While some excavation is necessary, the pool company won't need to dig nearly as deep as if it were excavating for a conventional in-ground pool. Less excavation will lower the cost of this project for you, which can be ideal if you're on a budget.

Better Appearance Than An Above-Ground Pool

While there are lots of people who are perfectly happy with the look of above-ground swimming pools, others feel that the appearance of this structure leaves a little to be desired. If you aren't particularly keen on having a traditional above-ground pool in your yard but you have some reservations about an in-ground pool, an elevated pool can be a good choice. At a glance, an elevated pool can often look like an in-ground pool, which may help to give your yard the look that you desire.

Easy To Incorporate Into Your Patio

If you have an existing patio in your backyard, it's relatively easy for your pool company to tie an elevated pool into this structure. For example, if the pool company builds the elevated pool at the end of the patio, it can add some steps and a second level of the patio to be flush with the top of the elevated pool. This change can significantly transform the look of your yard as a whole, making it a desirable place for you and your family to spend time. Contact a pool construction company to learn more about elevated pools and why one might work for you.