When your swimming pool is not circulating enough, it isn't going to keep your pool as clean as it should. Your pool requires the water to be circulated or you will end up with sediment falling to the bottom of the pool rather than it being sucked into the skimmer and cleaned in the filter. If your pool isn't circulating, it's a problem that you need to take care of or you're going to be fighting a losing battle to keep your pool clean. Read on for tips to get your pool working properly.

Check The Water Level

If your pool isn't circulating properly, the problem may be that you simply do not have enough water in your pool for it to get sucked into the skimmer and the pump. There is usually a marking on the skimmer opening to tell you how much water should be in your pool. Be sure the water level is up to this point at the very least, and below the highest marking to prevent the water from simply splashing over the railings or the skimmer basket. If you add water to your pool, check the chemicals in your pool as well. You may have to add chemicals to the pool to keep it clean.

Inspect Your Pool Pump

Be sure your pool pump is working properly. If the pump is not working at full capacity, or it sounds like it's struggling, turn it off and inspect it to be sure it isn't failing. If your pump is not large enough for your size pool, it will not work properly to keep up with the size of your pool. Be sure the pump is sealed tightly and doesn't have any air bubbles. If there is an air-lock, it will not pull in water like it should and you won't have enough circulation.

Check For Leaks

Check the filter and pump, as well as all hoses for any leaks. If there is a water leak, you aren't going to get enough water to the filter and the pump, and you could have circulation problems. Keep watch for water dripping, or water spots to find the leak and make any necessary repairs to prevent a further issue.

If your pool isn't getting enough suction, or isn't circulating properly, your pool may never look clean. Hire a swimming pool repairman to take a look at your pool to get it working properly.

For more information on swimming pool repair, contact a pool contractor.