If you want to add a pool to your home, natural filtration is a great option. These pools are great for chemical-free water that is always clean. Often, these pools have a natural look to them, but you may want more of a luxury design for yours. The following design ideas will give you the luxury pool you want for your home with natural filtration:


An important aspect of a natural pool design is landscaping. This is because custom landscaping designs are going to be part of the filtration system of your pool. These designs need to include plants, water features like ponds and streams, and custom aquatic garden designs. This system will use a balanced selection of plants, animals (fish), and a filtration medium to keep your pool's water clean. In a luxury pool design, using landscaping will separate the filtration system from the swimming areas.

Water Features

The circulation of water is important if you choose a chemical-free design for your pool. The flowing water is what helps keep the water clean. You are going to need to add water features to the design. Surface water features like waterfalls can help keep the top of the pool clean. There are other features like streams and fountains that can also help keep the surface of the water clean. The better circulation and flow of the water will help prevent problems with debris and insects.


The finishes of natural pools are also important. The nature of natural filtration can make your pool prone to issues with algae. Therefore, you may want to consider more conventional finishes like tile for surfacing in the water. These materials have fewer pours and smoother service to prevent algae from growing. In addition, there are also a lot of options for mosaics and custom tile designs for luxury pools.

Custom-Built Features

There may also be some custom-built features you want with your luxury pool design. The custom-built elements you may want to add can include hot tubs, grottos (hidden caves or garden-like areas), and recreation features. The recreational features can custom diving platforms and slides. There are also options to have elements like slides integrated into waterfalls or other features. Grottos can easily be hidden beneath these features for a fun luxury pool design.

Natural filtration can be a great way to keep your pool chemical-free. Contact a luxury pool builder near you to discuss some of these options for your design.