If you want to invest in a pool safety cover, it can be a lot more than just a winter cover for the water. Today, there are options for covers that can be used all year. This will help protect the water when the pool is not in use. It will also help keep your property safe. The following pool safety cover installation information will help you make maintenance easier:

Automated vs. Manual Safety Covers

The safety cover you have installed can be an automated system, or it can be manually operated. There are benefits to both of these systems.

Automated covers

With the automated covers, you will be able to easily use the cover all summer with a push of a button. Automated covers can also have an attractive box to hide the canvas away while the pool is being used.

Manual covers

The manual covers may be a bit more cumbersome, but they are often more secure. They will be ideal if you have your pool covered most of the time. Manual covers can also be secured with more fasteners and installation systems to ensure the pool is safe when it is not being used.

Both types of covers will give you options for the fabric and extra features you may want to install.

Options for Safety Cover Materials

The textile fabric of your safety cover is also important, and you want to choose the right materials for your pool's needs. These materials can be porous or they can be impermeable. If you have plants around the pool, a mesh fabric will keep the debris out. The mesh will also allow water to drain into the pool. If you want to reduce evaporation during the summer months, a more impermeable fabric for the cover is ideal.

Adding Extra Safety Cover Features  

Additional features can also be added to your safety cover installation. These extras help make the cover easier to use and protect other areas. Some of these features include:

  • Hot tub cover
  • Padding for rock and stone features
  • Custom covers for water features
  • Additional fasteners

The extra features that you have installed with your safety cover will improve your pool area. Some of these features may only be for the winter months to protect the area when the pool is closed.

The installation of a safety cover is more than just a cover for the winter months. Contact a pool cover installation service and ask about these features to improve your pool area.