When swimming season draws to a close, it's time to winterize your pool and put a cover on it. You have options when it comes to the type of cover you put on the pool, but when you're closing the pool for the winter, a safety cover that provides winter protection is the best choice. Here are the benefits of a winter safety pool cover and the types available.

The Benefits Of Using A Winter Safety Pool Cover

A winter safety pool cover serves two purposes. It protects your pool and it protects your family and pets. These covers bolt down along the edges so nothing can get in the pool, including leaves, debris, kids, pets, and wildlife.

Using a cover over the winter is essential if you want to avoid cleaning up a mess next spring. A safety cover is also important when your pool won't be in use for months at a time so kids and animals won't fall in and drown.

The Options In Pool Covers

You can buy a solid cover or one made of mesh. A cover that's made of mesh allows rain to enter the pool, but leaves and other debris collect on the surface. While this allows your pool to get dirtier than it would with a solid cover, a mesh cover eliminates problems with water ponding on top.

If you want a solid cover, you can choose one that has a drain that allows water to empty in the pool or one that uses a pump to get rid of the water. If you opt for a pump model, no water will get in the pool, so the pool will be fairly clean at the start of next season.

If you don't use a pump or drain, water collects on the surface of the cover when it rains hard, and that can pose a drowning hazard for kids and animals. Plus, the weight of the water causes the cover to sag, and that can damage the cover over time.

If you have a large budget, you can choose a pool cover that opens and closes automatically. These are convenient if you think you'll use the cover all year or if you want a cover you can put on easily. Otherwise, you can buy a cover that mounts to the pool deck to hold it secure so it can hold the weight of an animal or person walking on it. However, it's best to keep people off of your pool cover, and you may need to sweep off leaves and snow as the winter season progresses.

Visit a store near you to see what winter safety pool covers are available.