Your hot tub is your private oasis at the end of a hard day, so when you start having problems with those blissful jets that make the experience so great, it can be disheartening. Take a look at just a few of the things that could be to blame when you have problems with the water jets in your hot tub. 

Do only a few of your jets work and not the others?

If you only have a few jets working in your hot tub, you could have a few different issues. Most often, the problem will be due to clogs in the jet lines themselves. However, you could also have some jets that are not getting water pushed to them as they should. Most of the time, when this happens, you have a leak somewhere in your water delivery lines, which means you will also be noticing water loss. If this sounds familiar, it is better to contact a pro for help. 

Have you checked your water filtration systems?

While it is not a very common occurrence, occasionally, a problem with the filters can be related to the filtration system. If you haven't been the most vigilant about changing the filters and doing periodic flushes of the filtration system, you may have managed to get sediment inside of the jets after it got pushed through crowded filters.

Pull out the water filters, clean them, and then use a flashlight to examine the lines. If you see a lot of hard particles, chances are, those hard particles have made their way into your water jets as well. Some jets are designed to be easy enough to disassemble and clean, but if you're intimidated by the process, a hot tub repair pro will be happy to help you out.

Do you have no water flow at all from your jets?

If you do not have any water flow at all from any of your jets, what you likely have is a water pump problem and not a jet problem. The water pump is responsible for cycling water through the jets, pulling it from the tub, and offering that continuous flow.

If you're getting no jet flow, it is best if you have a hot tub and spa repair professional come to your home and take a look. Replacing a water pump on a hot tub is a serious undertaking and should be handled by pros with the right tools and experience. If you're looking for a professional service, consider a business like Aries Spas Service.