During the summer months, there is maintenance that needs to be done to pools. Part of the battle that you will be fighting is algae blooms. You may be surprised when you begin to have problems with algae blooms in your pool.

These algae problems can start due to a combination of conditions and the lack of pool maintenance. Often, these problems begin with rain and warmer temperatures. The rain causes water to be perfect for the growth of algae. Algae is a problem that you will want to deal with after summer storms. The following pool maintenance will help prevent the algae blooms after summer storms:

  • Start the Summer by Shocking the Pool

To prevent algae blooms from ever starting, add a shock treatment. Before the summer weather even starts, you will want to make sure to shock the pool. This will kill off any organisms that have begun to colonize in the water. Adding chlorine to shock the water is part of the maintenance that pools need when opening, and it will help prevent algae.

  • Upgrade Pool Equipment with a Chlorine Dispenser

Chlorine is important to keep the water clean and safe. Therefore, adding a dispenser can be a good investment to prevent problems. This may be one of the upgrades that you want to do during the summer months. The chlorine dispenser can be added to the filtration pump to ensure the water always has the right amount of chlorine.

  • Check the Levels of Chlorine and PH Balance in Your Pool Daily

The levels of the chlorine and PH balance in water can fluctuate throughout the summer. It is important to routinely check the water quality. Even if you only do treatments once a week, you may want to check the water daily.

  • Shock the Pool After Summer Storms and Heavy Use to Keep Water Clean

Summer storms can have an adverse effect on the water in your pool. Shock the water after storms to raise the chlorine levels and kill off organisms. Shocking the pool water is something that should also be done after hot weather and heavy pool use. It should also be done when there are environmental changes that affect the water.

  • Add an Algae Treatment when Doing Routine Pool Maintenance

Antialgae treatments can be the best solution to stop blooms from starting. These water treatments can be added when doing pool maintenance like adding chlorine or balancing the PH. The antialgae treatments are important to prevent algae blooms from starting in the first place.

Dealing with algae blooms can be prevented with good pool maintenance after summer storms. There are other times throughout the summer when you need to do maintenance to your pool. Contact a pool maintenance service to ensure the water in your pool stays clear and free of algae all summer.