If you are ready to install one of many new inground pools for your home, there are a lot of options for the design, type of filtration, and safety features you might want to consider. You will also want to consider modern pool filtration systems that are efficient, as well as safety features that ensure your outdoor oasis is a safe summer recreation space. The following custom in-ground pool filtration and safety features are essential for the design of your new pool.

Natural Pool Design Options For A Cleaner Filtration Solution And Unique In-Ground Pool

The first option that you will want to consider for cleaner filtration is a natural pool. These are in-ground pool designs that use a system that filters water through natural processes. The natural pool filtration system includes:

  • Circulation pumps
  • Soil, sand, and filtration medium
  • Plants and animals

These components are used to make up a miniature ecosystem that cleans the water naturally, so you have to use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean.

Saltwater Pool Designs That Are Best To Start Planning During Construction Of An In-Ground Pool 

Another type of filtration system that you will want to consider for your pool is a saltwater filter system. These systems use salt instead of chlorine to keep the water clean, are healthier, and have healing properties. If you are going to use saltwater filtration, the materials used for the construction of your in-ground pool need to be more resistant to corrosion.

The Sand and DE Filtration Solutions To Keep Water Cleaner With More Conventional In-Ground Pool Designs

Sand and DE filtration systems are the most common systems used today to remove more particles from the water. These systems will remove the majority of the large particles from the water to keep your pool clean. If you are looking for a more conventional solution for the filtration of your in-ground pool, sand and DE systems are great options and easy to maintain.

Designing Your Pool With Safety Cover, Drains, and Skimmer Systems To Ensure Your Pool Area Is Safe

The design of your pool safety equipment should start with a good safety cover, which you may want to be automatic to be able to use it during the summer months. In addition, you also want to make sure the drain design has safety systems for the covers, and the skimmer system has a modern safety design to prevent injuries during the summer swimming season.

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider for the filtration and safety systems of your new in-ground pool. If you are ready to add a pool to your home, contact an in-ground pool service and talk to them about these solutions for the design of your pool equipment.