Throughout the swimming pool season, your pool is going to encounter cool days, hot days and days with flying debris due to storms or even due to spring pollen or tree buds. During these months, your pool may go through some changes, including turning green or accumulating algae growth and turning black. This is why pool maintenance is so important. If you don't have the time to take care of your pool, you need to hire someone to do this work for you. Read on for some pool maintenance tasks you should be aware of and how to do them.

Adding Chemicals

You can't simply add chemicals to your pool without knowing what chemicals need to be added. This can then become a mixture of chemicals that can be just as dangerous for your skin as swimming in a pool without any chemicals in it. Only add chemicals that are needed and in the right amount needed for your size of pool. Use a pool water testing kit to test your pool water. You should test your water at least once or twice per week and add the necessary chemicals. You can read the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging to know how much to add to your size of swimming pool. 

Backwash Your Pool

You should backwash your pool filter every couple of days. Backwashing helps clean the water in your filter and removes the really filthy water inside. It also helps keep your filter sand clean, which is what helps to clean your water. Empty the skimmer basket every couple of days before you backwash, then set the filter to backwash and allow it to run until the water runs clear coming out from the waste end of your filter. Then turn your filter off and set it back to the filter setting.

Vacuuming The Pool Floor

Your pool needs to be vacuumed in order to remove the debris on the pool floor. Some of the dust on the floor may not be noticeable until you start to vacuum it. With vacuuming, you need to move the vacuum slowly over the pool floor. Moving too quickly will only cause the debris to move around rather than being sucked up into the vacuum hose. You should vacuum at least once per week. Depending on the size of your pool, it can take an hour or longer to do this task.

These are just a few maintenance tasks your pool is going to need throughout the swim season months. If you aren't up to doing these tasks, hire a professional to do it all for you.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers pool maintenance services.