The cold days of winter have finally passed and spring is in the air. Now is the time to get your pool and spa ready for family fun over the months ahead. As a first-time owner of a home with a spa, did you know that pool contractors offer spa services as well? So, not only will they get your swimming pool ready for the summer season, but they can also make sure your spa is crystal clear and clean and ready for use as well. Here are the three steps a pool contractor takes to make sure your spa is ready for summer.

Clean the Interior

If the spa has not been used over the winter, the water has sat without circulation for several months and that makes it stagnant and smelly. Therefore, the first step the contractor does is to remove the old water and give the spa walls a clean. Some companies, like Anchor Pools & Spas, know that draining out the water from the spa only takes about an hour. Once it is done the interior walls and jets can be cleaned. This is done using a soft sponge and a non-abrasive detergent as it is important not to scratch the spa walls. Your contractor has access to a chemical solution used to clean out the water lines within the spa unit. This chemical is injected into the plumbing lines and pushed through with clean water to make sure dirt or mold buildup is flushed out.

Filter Check

Once the spa interior is cleaned, your contractor checks the state of the filter. If it is old and deteriorated the filter is removed and replaced with a new one. The filter must have the capacity to remove any dirt or debris floating in the water over the summer months as you do not want any family members getting sick from algae bacteria floating in the spa. If the filter is in good condition but it is dirty then the contractor cleans it by washing it with cold water to remove any particle buildup.

Refill and Sanitize

The final step on your spa's summer readiness journey is refilling the spa with fresh water and adding the chemicals required to prevent bacteria growth. Just like with a pool, chlorine is the most commonly used chemical to prevent bacteria growth in the water. Once the water and chemicals have been added, the spa needs to run for 24 hours for the water to move fully through the plumbing and filtration system. After this time, the contractor rechecks the water and adds any further chemicals required to make the water safe to be in.

Do not delay booking in your pool contractor now to provide you with the spa services you need because they do get busy once spring arrives.