It's about that time when you are getting outside more. The weather is getting warmer and you're just about ready to open up that swimming pool for the season. If you've never opened up a swimming pool before, it can be a bit of a task for the new pool owner. Hiring a pool service company is a good idea as you can learn how to do this job or you can continue using the service company so you can skip doing this work yourself altogether. If you want to take on this task yourself, read on for helpful information.

Pump The Water Off Of The Cover

You may have a lot of water on the winter cover from winter snow or from spring rain. If you have water on the cover, it needs to be removed before you can attempt to remove the cover itself. Remove the water from the cover using a submersible pump. Pump as much of the water off as possible using the submersible pump so when you pull off the cover, it isn't too heavy and the dirty water doesn't go back into your pool.

Remove Leaves

If you have leaves on your cover, you need to remove these as well. You don't want these to be spilled out into your pool as it can be difficult to clean out the leaves and whatever other muck is mixed in with the leaves. To remove the leaves, use a net and an extension pole to pull them off of your winter cover.

Remove The Cover

Once you have everything off of the cover, you can remove the cover. When pulling off the cover, be sure you don't get too much water in it from your pool, as it can be hard to remove. This may end up taking a few hands to help you do this. Remove the cover, spray it clean, and leave it out to dry so you can reuse it next year.

Reinstall The Hoses, Pump And Filter

If your pump and filter have been stored away for the winter, get them out and set them up next to your pool. Then find the hoses and connect the skimmer basket hose to the pump. Remove all of the covers that may be on your skimmer and on your return, and be sure all of your hoses are hooked up tightly without any leaks. Plug in your filter and pump, then turn them both on. Your filter should be set to the "filter" setting. Check again for any leaks coming from your hoses.

Your pool needs to be opened correctly to get it in shape for the upcoming summer season. If you're ready for your pool to be opened, but you aren't sure what to do, hire a pool service company for help with this. For more pool care tips, contact a professional.