Swimming pools hold water, but they also accumulate with other debris and possibly bacteria. Over time, even with proper cleaning, you may be left with a ring around your pool where the water reaches the top of your pool. This waterline ring can be unsightly, especially if you have a liner that is light in color. There are things you can do to help prevent the waterline stain and clean it up. Read on for helpful information to remove a waterline stain from your pool.

Removing A Waterline Stain

First, you should try and see if your pool vacuum head can help remove the waterline. A gentle scrubbing with the vacuum head and soft bristles may be able to remove the debris that has led to the stain in the first place. Don't use anything with coarse bristles, as you can damage your liner, tearing it or weakening it. Only use the vacuum head or something with bristles that are just as gentle to clean the liner.

Use the vacuum head in a circular motion to remove the liner stain. Go around the entire pool using this same motion. If there are stains that are just a little harder to remove, you can use a gentle liner cleanser that is safe to use in your pool water. Apply a small amount to the stain and gently scrub it with the vacuum head to remove it.

Prevent A Waterline Stain

The waterline stain can be caused by a variety of things. One of the biggest things is oils from the body or from sunscreen or tanning oils. You should rinse off before swimming in the pool to prevent these oils from getting into the pool in the first place, but this is next to impossible, as you should wear sunscreen to protect your skin, even when swimming.

Another thing that could cause the stains is floating debris. Be sure your skimmer basket is emptied often so more debris can be caught in the skimmer and not left to float or sink to the bottom of the pool. Empty the skimmer basket daily to remove debris.

Use a soft cloth such as an old rag or a sock to wipe along the edge of the water line to remove debris that can eventually stain your pool liner. Do this at least once per week to help prevent the water line stain. It's a quick and simple task that you can have your family members do when they are swimming as well.

Waterline stains can be unsightly. Treat them properly and prevent them in the first place by keeping up with your pool cleaning. To help keep your pool clean and free of stains, contact a swimming pool cleaner.