If you have removed the cover of your pool to only uncover a slimy green mess that looks like monsters could jump out at any time, it is time for cleaning!  Get an early start on cleaning the grime out of your pool and getting it ready for summer to ensure you do not encounter problems when you should be swimming. The following step-by-step guide is going to help you get the water clean before summer gets here:

1. Clean and Remove the Pool Cover Without Dumping More Debris Into the Pool Water

One of the mistakes many people make when getting their pool ready is just pulling the cover off. This first step can cause more debris to fall in the water and give you more work to get the water clean. Remove leaves or debris from the cover before removing it to keep the water as clean as possible before cleaning.

2. Fish Out Any Large Debris with the Skimmer Net to Keep Debris out of Pool Equipment If Possible

Once the cover has been removed from the pool, you will want to use the skimmer net to remove large debris from the water. If there is a lot of debris, you may want to use a large fishing net if you have access to one. Remove as much of the large debris as possible before you start doing the maintenance of your pool equipment.

3. Check All Skimmers, Outlets and Drains to Ensure They Are Not Plugged or Damaged

Before you can start with the pool equipment maintenance and turn the pump on, you will want to check the skimmers, outlets, and drains. Make sure that any plugs are removed and that the skimmers have baskets in place to catch any debris floating on the surface of the water.

4. Connect the Pool Pump and Filter to Begin Circulating the Water to Get Rid of Grime

Now, you will be ready to connect the pool pump. Check all the plumbing connections to make sure all the equipment is connected and there are not any leaks. Prime the pump, backflush the filter and begin circulating the water in your pump. Use the old filter medium to do the initial cleaning of the water and remove the majority of the debris from the water.

5. Shock the Water, Change the Filter Medium, and Continue Backwashing the Filter Until the Water Is Clear

Once the water starts to look clearer and the old filtration medium is exhausted, change the filter medium. You will want to continue with the backwashing of the filter and shock the water with the initial chlorine treatment. Continue running the pump and backwashing the filter until the water is clear and ready for you to start swimming this summer.

These steps will help you begin cleaning your pool and get rid of the green growth in time for summer. If the green water in your pool is just too much for you to handle on your own, contact a pool cleaning service for help to ensure the water is crystal clear when you should be swimming this summer.