There are a lot of design options for building a new pool for your home that can reduce maintenance. These modern pool designs include things like automated covers, saltwater filters, or natural pool designs. The following tips will help you with a new custom pool design that is low-maintenance and low-cost:

1. Choose a Pool and Hardscaping Design That Helps Keep Debris out of the Water to Reduce Maintenance

The hardscaping design around your pool area is one of the things that you will want to consider improving maintenance. Hardscaping can be used to create natural barriers that keep any debris blown by the wind out of the water. In addition, in the landscaping around your pool, you will want to try to keep plants away and use plants that have less pollen and leaf debris anywhere that is close to the pool area.

2. Add Saltwater Filtration and Other Chlorine Alternatives for the Design of Your New Pool Equipment

The chemicals that you use for the filtration of your pool can also be a problem, which you will want to consider options like saltwater filtration. With new pool construction, saltwater systems are ideal because the materials used in construction will be more resistant to corrosion. There are also options for sand and filtration mediums that can help improve the filtration of the water if you plan on using conventional chlorine treatments with your pool.

3. Make Your Pool a Natural Pool Design That Practically Cares for Itself to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Another trendy custom pool design that you may want to do for your project is natural filtration. Natural pools are free of harsh chemicals like chlorine and use a combination of water circulation, filter medium, plants, and animals like fish to help keep the water in your pool clean and balanced.

4. Add the Right Pool Covers That Reduce Maintenance and Help Make Your Outdoor Spaces Safer

Another feature that you will want to add to your custom pool design to reduce maintenance is a pool cover. Today, there are options for custom pool covers that are retractable and automated, which will allow you to use them all year to keep the water in your pool clean. This is a good way to reduce maintenance and make the areas of outdoor spaces around your pool safer.

These are some custom pool design tips to make your pool low-maintenance and low-cost. If you are ready to improve your home with a summer swimming oasis, contact a pool construction service and talk to them about some of these options for the design of your new pool.