As the spring temperatures are getting warmer, it is time to consider the maintenance that needs to be done to open your pool. You may encounter problems and need help with repairs before the weather changes. The following spring pool repair guide will help you inspect your pool for damage and get the repairs done before it is time to open your pool for summer:

Checking Your Pool for Problems With Plumbing and Leaks That Need to Be Repaired Before Summer

The first step in inspecting your pool for problems that need to be repaired is checking for leaks. Sometimes, these leaks are not visible on the pool surface because they are due to winter damage to the pipes that circulate water. When you fill the pool, inspect the plumbing and the pool surface or liner for leaks that need to be repaired before the summer.

Damaged Skimmers and Pool Drain Covers That Need Repairs to Ensure Your Pool Is Safe for Summer

The skimmers of your pool are what remove debris from the surface, and they have special safety lids that need to be replaced if they are damaged. In addition, the drains of your pool will need to be checked to make sure the safety covers are properly installed. If you have old drains that do not have safety covers installed, consider upgrading the drains to ensure your pool is safe for summer swimming.

Troubleshooting Problems With The Pool Pump and Having It Repaired or Replaced If Needed

As your pool pump sits idle over the winter months, it can freeze up, and you may have trouble getting it started and circulating the water. Try to clean and prime the pump yourself to get it working and circulating water. If you cannot get the pump running after cleaning it, you will want to contact a pool repair service and ask them for help with repairs.

Checking the Operation of Pool Filter Valves, Connections and Filter Medium for Problems That Need to Be Repaired

The final step for inspecting your pool is to check the filter system. You want to check all the valves and the filter to make sure the backwash can be done easily when doing maintenance. If you have problems with the valves, plumbing or filter medium, you may need help with repairs before summer and the weekly maintenance that will need to be done.

These are some of the problems that you will want to look for in your pool this spring and have repaired before summer. If you are doing pool maintenance and need help with repairs, contact a swimming pool repair service to get help repairing these problems before the weather changes.