Aesthetics, privacy, and safety may all come to mind when you think about pool fencing, but your preferences may differ from those of your neighbors or the owner of a commercial water feature. Before you choose pool fencing, think long term and how a particular type of fencing will be beneficial or disruptive to your needs.

Removable Mesh Panels

Mesh panels that are removable will give you the option of using the fencing on a daily basis, but you will have the opportunity to move the panels if you would like to expand the size of the perimeter or would like to clean the fencing, away from shrubs or bushes that are growing nearby.

This type of fencing provides a semi-translucent appearance and you can choose the color of the mesh so that it is complementary to the water feature. Mesh panels provide a sturdy enclosure, but the mesh can tear or become stained, so you will need to take measures to protect the fabric.

Glass Panels

Glass panels will not affect the view that you are provided with while you are in or nearby your pool. Glass panels that are translucent will be anchored to fence posts and will provide a barrier that will keep pets and small children away from the water feature.

Because this type of fencing is considered permanent, pick shrubbery and other plants that will have plenty of room to grow in the plot of soil that is located next to the exterior side of the enclosure.

Keep shrubs and grass trimmed regularly, to prevent overgrowth from scratching or staining the glass panels. Tempered glass is used to construct this type of fence. Tempered pieces will not shatter. If excessive force is applied to glass, it will crack into many pieces, but you will not need to worry about you or another person becoming injured due to glass projectiles.

Vertical Bar

Vertical bar fencing can be constructed of aluminum, metal, vinyl, or wrought iron. Narrow panels will be installed vertically to create each side of an enclosure. You can decide upon how much space is located between the panels and can select the height of each fencing piece. With this type of fencing, your view will be somewhat obstructed, but this may be preferable if you want to increase privacy. Each unique fencing material that is used for vertical fencing will require specific cleaning steps.

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